years of industry track record
projects completed for retail companies
industry players served
Success stories
Technologies for retailers to earn more
• Digital Signage, AR/VR
• Personalized shelf offerings
• Samples vending machines
• Analytics systems
• RPA and IoT
• Customer profile, Data Lake
• Video analytics
• POS customer feedback
• Russian personal data law compliance
• Store traffic analysis
• Customer app
• Smart shopping cart
• Analytics systems: video, speech, and tracking
• Personnel performance analysis
• Use of mobile devices
• Robotic process automation for HR, recruitment chatbot
• HR kiosk to issue documents and employee papers
• New payment options
• Virtual Point-of-Sale
• Cash management
• Effective supply chains
• Logistics management systems
• Demand modeling
• In-store stock management systems
• Cybersecurity, web app protection, and combating DDoS attacks
• Avatar assistants
• Energy saving: digital ceiling, electricity accumulation
• Low-current networks
• Physical security
• Wireless charging
• Virtual reality
• Digital ceiling
Traditional IT infrastructure for retailer business
IT infrastructure consulting and audit
Building a telecom infrastructure
Data centers, data storage systems, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) based on CROC's Virtual Data Center
Automation of core activities
Complex supply of computer hardware and equipment for automatic product ID recognition
Maintenance and technical support outsourcing
CROC offers a comprehensive approach to address current market challenges
Attract more customers
Increase average bill
Boost number of return customers
Optimize costs
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