Digitalization opens the way
to new opportunities for oil
and gas companies
Combining traditional and innovative solutions, oil and gas enterprises are able to both meet all targets and actively drive their business in the digital transformation era.

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projects completed for oil and gas companies
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Solution portfolio
With CROC's industry-tailored solutions, oil and gas companies can maximize business manageability, cost effectiveness, production, as well as cyber and physical security.
Process systems control
Enterprise energy independence
Business continuity
Effective enterprise management
Staff training and safety
Process systems control
  • Industrial control systems (SCADA/PLC)
  • Engineering infrastructure and automation systems monitoring
  • Computing clusters to process field deposit, shelf and seismic exploration data
  • Technological information collection centers
  • Technological infrastructure upgrade
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Integration of production and business systems
  • Industrial communication systems
  • Engineering systems monitoring and control for oil refinery buildings and facilities
  • Engineering infrastructure
Enterprise energy independence
  • Information security systems
  • Network optimization and control
  • Public address and video analytics
  • Power plants
  • Smart electricity metering
Business continuity
  • Data centers (including data center outsourcing)
  • Data storage optimization and data archiving
  • Information system audit and IT infrastructure upgrade
  • Disaster-tolerant solutions and data backup systems
  • Data protection from accidental deletion or corruption
Effective enterprise management
  • Data center outsourcing
  • Cloud services
  • Data storage and data center upgrade
  • Consolidated reporting systems
  • Network monitoring, optimization, and security
  • Import substitution
  • Enterprise data networks
  • Video conferencing and unified communications
Staff training and safety
  • Hands-on mastering of production processes
  • Emergency drills
  • Equipment trainings
  • Physical security systems
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