We are looking for people who are carried away by the * nix world, are ready to accept them into our team and immerse them in projects and tasks using advanced technologies, both Open Source and commercial. We will also teach commercial UNIX with subsequent certification.

 Your tasks

  • installation, configuration and maintenance of computing systems based on equipment from world manufacturers (DellEMC, HPE, Cisco UCS, Oracle HW, Huawei, Lenovo, etc.);
  • work with both hardware and OS and system software;
  • solution of service cases, interaction with technical support of manufacturers;
  • participation in internal testing and R & D projects;
  • as qualifications grow: participation in the design, development of solutions.

Our expectations

  • experience with Linux / Unix-like systems from 1 year;
  • the ability to administer them without a GUI;
  • experience writing code in scripting languages ​​(bash, python, perl);
  • strong network knowledge (TCP / IP, routing, vlan / vxlan, trunking, vpn), management and diagnostic tools;
  • familiarity with the main server technologies: RAID, firewall, bondind / teaming, NUMA, SAN, experience with server hardware;
  • Experience with virtualization platforms for computing resources (QEMU / KVM, libvirt, VMware, etc.);
  • high self-organization, persistence in achieving goals, desire to learn new technologies and develop rapidly;
  • technical English.

Additional advantages

  • certificates on Linux or proprietary UNIX (big plus);
  • a separate plus will be experience and certificates for IBM Power;
  • knowledge of control automation tools (ansible, puppet, chef, salt), version control systems (git, svn);
  • experience with monitoring systems, with backup systems
  • experience with branded servers and storage;
  • experience in designing and preparing design / technical documentation

We offer

  • salary based on the results of the interview + bonuses based on the results of work;
  • professional training and certification at the expense of the company;
  • VHI with a full package of medical services;
  • Learning English in full-time and distance formats with compensation from the company;
  • subscription to fitness centers and sports programs with compensation from the company, a gym in the office;
  • free meals in the office;
  • modern office, parking for all employees.