A historic site in the Ruzsky urban district now hosts the immersive ‘Zoya’ museum complex dedicated to the life and fame of one of the most revered heroines of the Soviet Union. IT company CROC joined efforts with NEC, a multimedia vendor, and ‘MKS always sky-high’, a master developer of the exhibition, to safeguard war history in digital format and help immerse visitors in the reality of those days.

The exposition includes 6 halls. Among them is the scenography room – a school class in which Zoya and her brother studied. Here, thanks to the synchronous audio-visual script, the visitor is immersed in the atmosphere of the outbreak of war. In the hall “Feat of Zoe” the winter forest and a fragment of the house in which the scout spent the night before the execution were recreated as realistically as possible. And in the hall with a trench, the overall model of the SU-152 tank is located.

The CROC IT company has equipped the museum with multimedia systems. Information about the events of 1941-1945. It is broadcast on wide displays from 32 to 98 inches, as well as a NEC video wall larger than 7 square meters. m. On it you can see videos of memorial sites, estates and museums of the Moscow region.