CROC again took part in the campaign “Someone’s life is no longer a trifle!”. For several months, employees and guests of the company stacked coins (and not only) in special boxes. The collected money was donated to the Life Line charity.

The purpose of this action is to help seriously ill children. This time the gathering was organized for Katya Gavrilova. Her diagnosis is spinal deformity, neuromuscular kyphoscoliosis of the fourth degree. By the age of 16, Katya had already undergone several operations and now she has yet another. Thanks to collective donations, it was hoped that Katya would be able to move actively.

For the first time, the action “Someone’s life is no longer a trifle!” held in 2009. Since then, a charity fundraiser is held annually every spring and autumn. During this time, more than 19 million rubles were collected and 78 seriously ill children were saved.