The State Hermitage Museum and CROC VR teams have jointly created a virtual tour of the Museum’s Gallery of the History of Ancient Painting so that Russian citizens, from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin, can see exhibitions of a wide range of unique paintings and sculptures. The project will be unveiled during Hermitage Days, to be held in Sakhalin on September 2-7, and will then tour through other Russian cities. Visitors will have an opportunity to take a virtual walk around the gallery and look at pieces of art from any angle, even those inaccessible in real settings, as well as learn about the history of both the gallery and its masterpieces.

The Jupiter Hall is one of the most magnificent halls in the New Hermitage building and currently displays Ancient Art exposition of the State Hermitage Museum: Roman marble sarcophagi and one of the world’s best collections of Roman sculptural portraits, comprising more than 100 exhibits, including world famous masterpieces, such as the Portrait of a Roman Woman (known as A Syrian Woman) and the portraits of Emperors Lucius Verus, Balbinus and Philip the Arabian. The Jupiter statue, which gave the name to the hall, is one of the biggest Ancient sculptures on display in a museum anywhere in the world.