Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad has put together one of the most advanced multimedia expositions devoted to the history of Russian emigration, with over 2,000 exhibits (letters, photos and books) now digitized and displayed in a highly convenient format. As part of the project, CROC, together with market leaders such as RAA, PITCH, MKS, and Digis, installed a total of 54 multimedia screens and 13 projectors for mapping and also created special zones equipped with directional sound systems and motion sensors.

Together, the digital pieces of the exhibition form a unique integrated multimedia art installation which takes visitors on a specially tailored journey. First, museum visitors watch a movie about famous emigrants ending with the visualization of birds flying from the right across all screens as a symbol of departing to a new land. As the images are shown, lights, colors, and sounds also change synchronously, immersing visitors in an interactive environment.