Digital platforms in banking

Digital platforms in banking evolve year after year. Economic lockdowns and a global pandemic force consumers and financial institutions to accomplish more virtually.

05 February 2021

Financial Technology: Fintech is the Next New Normal

Fintech remains one of the most-often-referenced components of a modern digital transformation strategy.

01 February 2021

Embracing Digital Change During Crisis

Consumer spending made radical shifts in response to the spread of the coronavirus beginning in February 2020.

01 February 2021

Industry 4.0: Digital Platforms in Oil and Gas

Transformative technologies in gas and oil represent one of the most impressive examples of Industry 4.0.

12 January 2021

Payments are Going Digital: Here’s How and Why

Today, digital payments unlock new economies, accelerate critical transactions, and maintain industries while buyers remain quarantined in their homes.

12 January 2021

A Quick Guide to Omnichannel Personalization

It’s easy to see how eCommerce is changing the landscape of retail. But digital enhancement is also greatly impacting in-store, brick and mortar marketing.

07 December 2020

An Introduction to Loyalty Ecosystems

Technology and geo-political factors offer new business opportunities to new and existing industry players across the world. One aspect to evolving regional and global economies is the concept of loyalty ecosystems.

30 November 2020

Digital Platforms in Luxury. Overcoming Image Ego in a Digital Age

Many including Forbes note that luxury retail has been slow to adapt to the world of digital platforms in retail.

26 November 2020

Tech-enabled Commercial Excellence. What It Is & Why It Matters

With the rapid rise of mobile devices, cybersecurity, and fintech products, the concept of commercial excellence is increasingly more relevant. Commercial excellence can update outdated processes and mindsets to meet clients and customers.

23 October 2020

Ideas and Numbers. Marketing in the Digital Age

The age-old business advice, “It’s all about the numbers,” has never been more true in this digital age. Brands and marketers have access to data telling a more holistic story of their customers than businessmen and women could have ever hoped to achieve just twenty years ago.

08 October 2020

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