Organized a safe transition to remote work of an international bank

In 2 days, we installed and configured a secure remote access gateway with two-factor authentication to access corporate infrastructure when switching to remote work.

18 March 2020

We created a hybrid cloud for 175 Korablik stores

Migrated data. The retailer will be able to use the systems at full capacity and ensure the continuous operation of services. At the same time, the cost of computing resources for the client has decreased by about half.

03 March 2020

Connecting the estate museum to Wi-Fi

We have created a Wi-Fi infrastructure for the museum of the palace and park ensemble. Now free internet is available for visitors to the Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum in the Moscow Region.

30 January 2020

Conducted an audit for compliance with FL-152 for a financial company

We have audited a financial company with a geographically distributed IT infrastructure, aligned more than 50 processes and reduced the risk of fines from state inspections.

30 January 2020

System for modeling and optimization of CHPP-20 modes

Modeling of operating modes and optimal load distribution between units allows Mosenergo to minimize fuel costs and achieve maximum equipment efficiency

NEWS / 19 December 2019

Digitalization of document flow of Synerdocs service based on CROC Cloud

With the help of CROC's Cloud, the Synerdocs service provided customers with the opportunity to work smoothly with electronic transport and consignment notes.

16 December 2019

Knowledge base for call center operators and employees of Tele2 communication salon

The unified knowledge management system KMS Lighthouse provides Tele2 contact center operators, retail employees and dealers with access to up-to-date business information on products during customer service.

10 December 2019

Our team created a smart office for SIBUR headquarters

The system can process data from over a thousand devices. This approach improves comfort and makes IT equipment more energy efficient.

03 December 2019

Security system for SBI Bank

We connected a new multilevel security system for SBI Bank based on the Fortinet line of solutions, which ensured reliable protection of the bank's information assets in real time.

28 November 2019

Automated system for managing technical documentation for Rosenergoatom

Automation of the technical workflow of a geographically distributed company made it possible to create a single information space at all stations of the concern and establish end-to-end business processes

NEWS / 18 November 2019

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