Business-critical SAP systems in the CROC data center

The collaboration between Pharmstandard, CROC Cloud Services and itelligence allowed the drug manufacturer to halve the cost of supporting SAP systems.

11 August 2020

Self-learning robot for M.Video-Eldorado

We have implemented a self-learning assistant for the largest Russian retail company in the electronics and technology market - M.Video-Eldorado. Its main functions are to monitor and optimize the first line of technical support for users.

11 August 2020

Digitizing Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya Museum

Within a month, the immersive museum complex "Zoya" was launched, which helps to completely immerse visitors in the events of the war years.

02 June 2020

Implementation of FM Logistic critical business systems

Our team has helped to plan and implement a transfer of the Magento e-commerce system, clients’ personal accounts and the warehouse goods management system to the CROC Cloud.

13 May 2020

Created a Service Desk system for a global steel manufacturer

We have developed a unified corporate system that helps the company to process more than 8,000 applications from users monthly.

06 May 2020

Implemented MMK’s a unified corporate process management system

Having implemented a Service Desk-system, we ensured prompt processing of more than 8 thousand applications from 50 thousand employees from 60 client organizations every month.

06 May 2020

A glimpse into our corporate School of IT Recruiting

Created an immersion course on the features, processes and tools for hiring IT professionals. We have developed programs, selected speakers and relevant cases.

30 April 2020

Equipped the publishing house with virtual workstations

In a week, we developed 300 remote workstations for Condé Nast Russia and ensured continuous work during quarantine.

30 April 2020

We designed VDI for Condé Nast Russia

We provided additional server capacity with software that allows the creation of workplaces for organizing remote work.

27 April 2020

Ensuring continuity of the educational process at the HSE

MIEM at the Higher School of Economics successfully switched to a remote mode of operation after the launch of the online classes platform hosted on CROC Cloud.

21 April 2020

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