Created a Service Desk system for a global steel manufacturer

We have developed a unified corporate system that helps the company to process more than 8,000 applications from users monthly.

06 May 2020

Implemented MMK’s a unified corporate process management system

Having implemented a Service Desk-system, we ensured prompt processing of more than 8 thousand applications from 50 thousand employees from 60 client organizations every month.

06 May 2020

CROC implemented a modular data center for PJSC Nornickel

In a record three months, our team has developed and commissioned a modular data center. The systems are designed to meet Tier III infrastructure reliability requirements.

23 October 2019

We have helped with the FZ-152 compliance audit for an industrial company

We have conducted an audit and brought the data processing operations, which use global information systems and a large number of websites, in line with the legal standards.

07 June 2019

Our insights on industrial company infrastructure monitoring systems

We provide SLA controls pertaining to communication channels, state of network company devices, and reduced time to detect and localize accidents.

19 February 2019

Implementing of EDMS at NLMK

Our team worked on the first solution in Russia for the implementation of an electronic document management system under Linux operating system. The system allowed to speed up the processing of documents and simplify work with clients.

24 January 2007

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