Vyacheslav Tantzorov

Chief Marketing Operations Officer

Vyacheslav Tantsorov oversees various marketing groups that ensure the development of technology divisions. There are more than 100 professionals currently under his leadership in the field of integrated communications, digital, PR, event marketing and analytics. He is also responsible for the positioning and promotion of the company’s activities, joint marketing programs with strategic partners, automation of business processes and improving the efficiency of the department.

Vyacheslav has over 10 years of experience managing the marketing department.

At CROC, he was first an advertising manager before becoming director of the department in 1999.

He received an MBA from the Higher School of Economics and was a jury member of the International Festival of Integrated Communications and Event Marketing, BEMA! in 2019.

Vyacheslav was named as one of the top three directors within the IT industry in the “Top 1000 Russian Managers” (2019) ranking, published by the Russian Managers Association and Kommersant Publishing House.

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