Vladimir Gorodetskiy

Improves systems and processes at CROC

During my 7.5 years at CROC, I started as an intern-consultant and now lead a group of analysts who are involved in internal automation projects. Colleagues share with us the problems they face, we analyze and research, and come up with solution and implement it.

For example, CROC used to have a very inconvenient monitoring process: we have more than 2,000 employees, and the evaluation and collection of feedback needs to be launched individually for each group. We developed the Cool Feedback system, and now HR starts the process with “one button”.

This is what sets us apart from the usual support for internal IT systems.

We approach each task with the question: “How will we help our client or end user?” We don’t just add another feature to the system. We bring concrete benefits, and it is inspiring.

Perhaps it sounds cliched, but for me people make CROC. They are creative, open, responsive, always ready to help. Colleagues motivate to take on new projects, propose ideas, and this is always appreciated.

Last year, I even won a trip to Rotterdam for actively participating in the global business transformation. I think CROC is best suited for those who want more freedom and independence, to set ambitious goals and the ability to implement their ideas.

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