Sergey Zinkevich

Developed a cloud platform before it became mainstream

I came to CROC in 2013 as a field engineer. We had basic tasks to complete: essentially, we fixed the servers and storage systems. But I was lucky that I started from this, because in one year I visited 30 or even 40 cities of Russia. It was fun!

Then I wanted to grow, and in CROC it is organized like this: you discuss plans with your leader and little by little begin to take tasks from another direction. If you like, and you get a positive feedback, you can go completely. So I got into the CROC Cloud, which was just starting to emerge, like the entire cloud services industry in Russia.

During our work in the Cloud team, a lot has changed: a team of two people has grown to 50, products have stood out, we have built sales and support processes.

Implemented more than 500 projects. I became a product manager, and then director of product development – now I am developing a business and looking for how to bring additional benefits to customers.

CROC is a company in which everyone can find something of their own.

Extroverts, introverts, engineers, developers. Even free entrepreneurs – recently we launched an internal accelerator for the development of product innovations. A kind of startups, but with the support and resources of a large company.

It seems that there are too many cool colleagues and opportunities to miss them.

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