Sergey Verchenov

Safeguards your data

I have been working at CROC for 12 years, I came here as a student for a summer internship. Honestly, I didn’t plan to have a career in IT, and after an internship I returned to university, but still found my way back to CROC.

I am a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plans) person here. That is, I am engaged in everything related to disaster recovery: from building backup rooms to developing global disaster-resistant solutions.

Why is it important? Because all companies work with data. Imagine that there is an insurance company that people call to call an ambulance. If the hotline falls, then the losses will not be purely corporate and purely financial.

My team and I make sure that these losses can be avoided. So that a “force majeure” ceases to be a scary word :)

The most important thing that I want to say about working at CROC is that there are no boundaries. The processes are arranged flexibly, and you can take on almost any project that interests you. This gives a lot of opportunities for growth, and you decide how to grow: vertically or horizontally, in which areas and technologies. In fact, you choose an interesting job for yourself: you can manage projects, work on a software product, and so on. In any case, you will be supported and professional mentors will be nearby, and this is very important.

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