Sergey Kovalenko

Combines .NET design and regional office development

When I first saw the .NET developer vacancy, I didn’t know anything about CROC. I decided to respond, and I’m so glad that I did. I became the first employee in Krasnodar, and got to be part of opening the office here. As someone who likes to take on organisation challenges I gladly agreed. We now have a team of 14 people, and it has been all that I had hoped it would be.

What makes CROC such a special company? As employees we have a lot of freedom: to set our own schedules, to be creative, and to make our own choices of technologies within projects. The training is also very cool. We go to all kinds of conferences, but also attend internal seminars and courses. There is a team culture that encourages personal growth and development, and it is very inspiring being in this dynamic and progressive environment.

Even from the very first day I felt the care of the employees. I immediately had everything I needed. There were no hassles of no red tape and bureaucracy with access, for example. The longer you are part of the team, the more warmth you feel.

We constantly communicate, celebrate holidays, and share important events. It’s very motivating to feel like one team, despite being in different locations. Even though we are far from Moscow we are not forgotten about.

The key to success at CROC is to be creative and proactive. Here you can offer your ideas and put them into practice. You can develop your soft and hard skills, lead projects, delve into technology, and have a huge number of opportunities. The main thing is to take initiative, and everything will work out.

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