Ramil Sadretdinov

Makes train rides more comfortable and safer

I joined CROC 14 years ago as an implementation consultant. My background was as an IT specialist, a systems administrator and a teacher at the institute. Now I am the program manager and project manager of the Central Suburban Passenger Company.

If you use the trains, you will notice that there are screens at the suburban stations with timetables and train arrival times.

In the background is a large situational and analytical center. This helps the company collect everything that happens with their transport. For example, if something happens on the tracks with the train, and it is late, it is immediately broadcast on the scoreboard.

We created this system.

The center also collects all feedback from passengers and for a special processing of the information. But, of course, this is not our only project. We develop products with artificial intelligence, do interesting things in terms of modeling passenger flow and even piloted a corporate messenger with chat bots. It’s a lot of work, but so far everything works out smoothly, thanks to the team.

In general, people at CROC are very different from other companies. It’s like they have a small atomic reactor inside, which empowers them to work outside of space and time :) The most important thing is that in corporate culture it is important to think about people. At CROC there are various programs for athletes, children, parents, communities of interest, for training and, of course, enjoying corporate parties.

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