Polina Khabarova

Deputy General Director, HR Director, Head of Business Transformation

Polina Khabarova is the HR Director of CROC and participates in the formation of the company’s strategy. He oversees all areas of the HR department’s activities, including the personnel training and development system, recruiting, the company’s personnel system, corporate culture and internal communications.

During her time at CROC, she has authored several HR projects, which are unlike any existing on the market. She has also initiated the creation of unique loyalty programs for company employees.

Polina also oversees the CROC knowledge management team, which has implemented projects for major companies in the Russian market for over 10 years.

Under the supervision of Polina, the company developed HRtech practices and automated over 20 internal business processes, including: arrangement of business trips, inducting new employees, organizing internal training, corporate events and others.

Since 2017, Polina has held the position of CTO (Chief Transformation Officer) at CROC and is one of the main ideological leaders of internal transformation.

In 2018, Polina took first place among HR directors of companies in Russia in the Kommersant.ru rating, and was also invited as an expert to the Human Resources and Education group of the state program Digital Economy, Russia 2024.

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