Oksana Volinets

Helps big enterprises to avoid routine tasks and bureaucracy

I got my very first job at CROC and I have been with the company for more than ten years. Once, when I was a student, I came to work in a call center, and now I am in charge of complex projects. I was in the right place at the right time :)

At CROC, it’s impossible to constantly do one thing, you always find new things and switch freely. My projects are related to the automation of business processes. I like that my team helps make the work of different companies easier, more convenient and faster.

I’m especially proud of the project that involved automation of workflow at the largest petrochemical company in Russia, where dozens of systems have been integrated and continuous automation of end-to-end business processes of geographically distributed organizations was provided.

This project allowed a huge number of employees to get rid of routine tasks (you must admit, there is nothing worse than bureaucracy and complex processes inside an organization). But for me personally it was an amazingly challenging, but at the same time highly satisfactory experience, thanks to which I have grown a lot as a professional.

The most valuable thing at CROC is people and their energy, that is a driving force to move forward. I think that because of this constant drive, people reveal their potential and achieve high results. Your development doesn’t get framed, you can immerse yourself in different areas and really accelerate your career. CROC is about opportunities that can sometimes be found in unexpected directions. And, of course, about people who are resourceful and in love with their work. This is what motivates me every day.

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