Nikita Kostenchuk

Develops startups at the CROC Accelerator

In short, I came to CROC because I decided to surprise my university colleagues and work in the field of my specialty. Even though I didn’t have enough simple ‘IT management’ experience, I knew I wanted to do something innovative and develop products. At the interview, I realized that I could try a lot of different things at CROC, and after several projects I landed at product transformation.

We generated an interesting model for working with innovations which included where to get them from, how to develop them, and so on. This turned out to be the beginning of the CROC Accelerator, and for the last year and a half I have been developing startups.

This is some unique experience, because we are essentially a startup inside a large IT company. On the one hand, everything is fast, changeable and free-flowing. On the other hand, we have the support of the core business of CROC and thanks to this we have all the necessary resources we require.

Of great importance is the fact that one can make mistakes here. This is part of the corporate culture. Everyone understands that you learn from mistakes and it’s better to move, build hypotheses and refute them, rather than sit still fearing the possible risks. That’s cool.

My first two projects did not survive, but both I and the team made the right conclusions from this and moved forward.

At CROC, the leaders really inspire me. Many of them are young but at the same time experienced, professional and wise. They charge ahead so much that you look at them and think, ‘Can I be the same in ten years?’.

Here the corporate culture really works. It feels like people are all on the same wavelength. And, it’s worth saying, the events at CROC are very impactful. No ordinary buffets – just style and common sense. That’s really important!

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