Maria Ukolova

Director of Information Technology Department

Maria began her career at CROC in 2004, and in 2020 took charge of the department of information technology. The department engages in the design, implementation and support of solutions for the construction and management of system and applied IT infrastructure, information security and IT consulting.

Maria’s key tasks include developing the business and internal structure of the department, monitoring the implementation of large projects, as well as developing and implementing new sales models.

Maria is a leader and an active participant in transformation projects which led to the review of the labor costs and the launch of a new resource planning system at CROC. She is also one of the leaders in the practice of “IT Process Management and ITSM Consulting”. Maria has been a speaker at round tables on topics including ‘ITSM Consulting’, ‘IT Management’, ‘Outsourcing in IT’, ‘Digitalization’, and ‘Introducing Pupils and Students to IT’. In 2018, she completed the MBA program in IT at CROC OK and acted as a tracker in startup accelerators of the Product Vision school.

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