Lyubov Trunina

Administration, Personnel, and Social Policy Executive

Lyubov joined CROC in 2005 as Head of the Personnel Records Division, later becoming Deputy Director for Human Resources in 2007. In 2019, she started to work as an Administration, Personnel, and Social Policy Executive.

She has been actively involved in the creation of business development strategy and responsible for office life and operation functions, as well as engineering maintenance of CROC data centers.

Lyubov is also the author of CROC occupational safety, health and employee wellbeing policies.

Meanwhile, the Personnel Records, Compensation, Benefits, and Payroll divisions, as well as the Analytical Center, also remain under her leadership.

In 2020, Lyubov organized HotLineCROC, a multifunctional center to support and help employees facing the COVID-19 pandemic. This project is unparalleled in Russia.

Lyubov is an active contributor to transformation processes and a CROC values ambassador. In 2018, she became the leader of the Culture and Communication initiative. Lyubov was also recognized as a Winner of the independent cross-industry «Administrative Director 2019» award.

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