Lyubov Trunina

Director of Human Resources and Social Policy

Lyubov has been working at CROC since 2005. Until 2007, she served as head of the human resources department, then became deputy director for personnel.

Since 2019, she has held the position of Director for Administrative Human Resources and Social Policy. Lyubov actively participates in the formation of the development strategy of the company, creates and supports life-supporting and operational functions of the office.

Her area of ​​responsibility also includes the CROC Corporate Data Center Engineering Services Division. Lyubov forms the policy of labor protection and well-being of employees.

Under her leadership, the Human Resources Division, areas of compensation, benefits and remuneration, as well as an analytical center, continue to work. In 2020, Lyubov organized the HotLineCROC multifunctional center, which provides comprehensive support and assistance to employees in confronting the COVID-19 pandemic. The project has no analogues in Russia.

Lyubov is actively involved in transformational processes and is the ambassador of CROC values. In 2018, she became the leader of the Culture and Communications Initiative. Winner of the cross-industry award “Administrative Director of 2019”.

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