Kristina Kabanova

Simplifies complex financial processes

On my first day at CROC, I was put on a project to automate the financial management of a large state organization (accounting, treasury, budgeting, etc.) Just imagine, I’m 22 years old, an intern, and there I am. It was scary, but also exciting.

I got to go on a business trip to train users at one of the factories. The visit plunged me into the world of Russia’s rocket and space industry and I got to see how planes and missiles are assembled. I was very happy to be able to contribute to the success of some of the launches.

Soon, I became a consultant and moved to a project where we automated financial activities in the business travel industry using the software platform 1C. The project was a success and allowed the client to open a new department in their business as a result of the improved financial performance and growth.

This was the moment that I realized what I was working for; to automate the simple routine processes in companies so that employees can stay engaged on intellectual tasks and enjoy their work. As much as we enjoy our work at CROC.

At CROC, there is a special attitude to work. This is probably because the team is on the same wavelength. Work feels like a hobby: it’s motivating, you learn something new every day and you get to grow and develop. There is no bureaucracy and micromanagement, but there are intense projects, partners, clients and colleagues who become friends. In general, communication at CROC is very simple; you can directly communicate with any employee, regardless of their level. We all communicate, we have a lot of interaction, joint travel and events. I really appreciate that CROC has done so much for its employees.

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