Ivan Popkov

Develops technology for industry 4.0

I first came across CROC in 2012 through a course on Java run for students. I already worked as an engineer in a research institute, but found the course and company interesting. Even though I had another work offer on the table, I chose to work for CROC doing Java that June.

It was definitely the right choice, as since then I have become the Head of Digital Solutions for Production.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on many diverse projects as a technical manager, including technical consulting and pre-project inspection of a few remote business entities. The work is fascinating, and involves coming up with the architecture of the future. We design solutions tailored to our clients’ long-term goals, selecting the most relevant technologies with clear performance metrics.

It’s such an adventure that once I even got stuck in the North carrying out a pre-design survey for an important project.

The work is engaging and we are constantly facing new challenges. My team is now involved in the development of industry 4.0, which will help reduce operational costs in production, thanks to video analytics and smart development technologies. It is true that CROC is an environment where the driven thrive, and where we develop at high speeds.

For the last 8 years I have been able to participate in the Accelerator project, organize a Java school for students, launch meetups through PechaKucha presentations, and simultaneously implement projects and start new ones. I never have time to be bored. At CROC you can be successful if you are not afraid to take advantage of the opportunities that it provides.

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