Denis Kupriyanov

Made the museum one of the most interactive in Moscow

I chose CROC because the balance of stability and dynamic development is important to me. Before coming here, I was familiar with various projects that CROC had completed. And even as an outsider, I noticed that CROC had a sound and systematic approach to project management. I always wanted to be a part of such a company.

Now I am an engineer in a large and friendly multimedia team. One of my favorite projects was in the world of art. I was able to apply my creativity and create something both interesting and unusual.

The project was at the “Museum of the Russian Abroad”. We created an interactive multimedia exhibition that visitors found captivating and engaging. These included a gramophone playing on a motion sensor and a bunch of suitcases making a rattle of wheels and the sounds of a station. Not to mention the many interactive panels, directional speakers and other impressive installations.

The most interesting and difficult moment of the project was the combination of several separate elements to bring across the director’s idea of having a flock of birds fly around the museum, representing the emigration of the intelligentsia. The idea was a success! It is very inspiring when your work helps someone to convey their ideas and thoughts exactly as intended.

You can learn a lot working at CROC. Recently I passed an international certification from a provider in Germany. The training system at CROC covers everything. Over the past year I learned what a real systematic approach to work is, how to successfully multitask as well as how to communicate confidently and correctly.

I like the fact that not only hard-skills are important here, but they help you grow as individuals and give you the opportunity to prove yourself.

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