Artyom Romanov

Made the international airport even safer

My career has always been connected with security systems and when I came to CROC I was already an experienced specialist. I know the nuances for a variety of technical solutions and how to make everything work together. Now I am in charge of a department of 10 people who complete projects which are absolutely crazy in their volume and scale.

I admit, one of my favorite clients is the Moscow International Airport. We have been working together for several years. We managed to implement not only security systems, but also solutions that allow business processes to work correctly and reliably. When you realize that you had a hand in what millions of people use, it is very motivating and satisfying.

If we talk about international activities, we immediately recall the project on earthquake-resistant data center in Turkey. It was a serious challenge for us, which over time turned into a successful case.

The most valuable, or rather invaluable thing that CROC can give you is experience. How much, you ask? As much as you want. It all depends on you. The CROC person is a cool specialist who not only wants to develop, but also acts decisively. He drives projects, offers ideas, tries something new. And he tries to do his task not just well, but perfectly – always looking for ways to solve the problem faster and more efficiently. The opportunity to work among such caring people is what I especially appreciate about CROC. My team is my motivation and my inspiration.

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