Andrey Savostikov

Equipped the largest stadiums in Russia with multimedia systems

I have been working at CROC for over 8 years, because stability is important to me. It is a work environment that creates confidence and gives you the ability to plan your life, while also allowing you to grow and develop steadily. If you don’t want to change jobs twice a year, but don’t want to sit in a swamp with one project, working at CROC is what you need.

CROC is a dynamic and evolving work environment. Since being with the company I have changed, and have seen the company change too. Many internal processes have been optimized, adapted to the market, and a business transformation was launched. I have grown very much, both in knowledge and in position. The company has given me the opportunity to learn from and participate in complex projects which has resulted in my constant development.

An example of one of our latest big projects is outfitting the Yekaterinburg stadium with all the necessary multimedia equipment for the World Cup. This included screens, sound, TV, Wi-Fi and so on. The stadium was comprehensively equipped with engineering systems, while precisely following the requirements of the FIFA Handbook to be compliant with it’s instruction.

Simply put, we made it possible for the fans at the World Cup to conveniently attend matches and use the entire infrastructure of the stadium.

This is one of the features of CROC. We are reliable, diligent, and produce excellent quality work while meeting all compliance regulations. This approach to work creates a sense of pride in the staff team and energises you for future projects.

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