Andrey Mostovyh

Makes authentication in online banking easy and convenient

I have been employed by CROC since 2007. What impressed me at the start was their professionalism and expediency. After graduating from the University in Krasnoyarsk I came to Moscow to explore work opportunities here.

Even then, CROC was distinguished by impressive efficiency, allowing me to pass all stages of the interview process in one day. This largely determined my decision to work here, and is still what keeps me here today. CROC is set up to solve tasks as efficiently as possible.

This efficiency has made a CROC a leader in its field.

An example of this is the introduction of the System Architect role. When projects grew larger and more complex, CROC saw this position as crucial and was one of the first companies to recruit for it. I happened to be appointed as the first System Architect at CROC, working with a team of excellent specialists who had growing experience in this field.

Or consider the implementation of an Authentication Center in a large commercial bank – vital in the processing of bank cards.

To integrate the Centre into the bank’s services with support for the PCI DSS standard, it was necessary to bundle together a lot of different components together. This required efficiently merging and bridging a few disciplines and areas of expertise.

Not only is the work itself a pleasure at CROC, but being part of the team as well. There are less than ten of us, but we feel the support of the whole company. We are incredibly agile, mastering and adapting to business change and growth, and able to roll out virtually any technology to millions of users with efficiency and skill.

Such competence, flexibility and efficiency are the unique features of CROC that make it stand out from its competitors.

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