Alina Veselova

Makes transformation happen, whether it’s at CROC or at client’s business

The first time I heard about CROC was at the university when I was looking for an internship in machine learning. It wasn’t possible to combine an internship with classes, but this was not our last meeting: a few years later I came back as an experienced consultant and joined the business transformation office.

At the company, the team and I are engaged in internal changes. Since the beginning of 2018, CROC has embarked on the path of entire business transformation. But any change is always a stress for the company, so it is important to build transition processes so that people feel safe and understand the need for change.

This is exactly what I’m doing: I help teams set goals, choose tools, get all the necessary skills and reach the end of the transformation cycle without losses.

I am proud that we managed to build a systematic approach with teams and show great results.

The work is very intense, but flexible – I have time to work out and spend time with my family. I get the best work-life balance here.

The main thing about CROC is its people, who are not afraid of the work intensity, but see opportunities, cool experiences and the end result. People who support you and create a special atmosphere. Who do not like to be bored.

CROC is a very human company: you are not treated as a functional element, but get an opportunity to reveal your potential and develop in the way that interests you. This creates a unique environment for those who love challenges, who want to grow and try different things, who are interested in everything.

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