Alexey Smirnov

Director for Integration Solutions

Alexey Smirnov is involved in managing large projects and creating innovative CROC solutions.

Since 2018, Alexey has been leading the Transformation Office group, a strategic initiative support team that is engaged in the digital transformation of CROC and the company’s customers. The transformation is based on the best management and technological solutions, the search for new growth points and the creation of a digital ecosystem. The team headed, by Alexey is constantly in search of new strategies, tools and approaches for the development of technological projects.

Alexey is also responsible for creating an innovation ecosystem at CROC, including working with startups and developing a corporate accelerator. The CROC accelerator is a practical business intensive for mature startups, in which team decisions are developed and finalized to a “boxed” product.

The most successful projects are supported by CROC and are included in the portfolio of solutions. Among the customers using CROC Accelerator products are M. Video, Mars, Adidas, DHL, Raiffeisen Bank.

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