CROC has designed IT infrastructure for Rosenergoatom central administration, 11 nuclear power plants, and a data center at Kalinin NPP. This project will be a cornerstone of disaster recovery (DR), flexible data management, scalability, reliable business app operation, and interconnection between different facilities. The project lasted two years and included a large-scale audit of the customer’s infrastructure and business systems, as well as development of project solutions and DR plans.

Over the past few years, Rosenergoatom’s infrastructure has been growing and new information systems have been added. The pandemic, for instance, forced the company to switch employees to remote work, which included implementation of a large-scale VDI deployment project. To effectively handle greater IT load and new business challenges, management decided to upgrade infrastructure. This was crucial to not only adopt more advanced, reliable and scalable IT solutions, but also unify the infrastructure of all geographically distributed facilities while protecting earlier investments.

As part of the project, CROC conducted on-site preliminary examinations of all facilities and developed, for each of them, design documentation compliant with industry-specific regulations. The systems to be designed included a local area network, computing node, storage system, infrastructure services, monitoring system, unified communications system, backup system, and disaster recovery system. This infrastructure will underlie all business apps, including portals, websites, document management systems, information-and-analytical systems, finance systems, HR systems, production, repair and construction management systems, legal reference systems, etc. The technical design also provides for the use of software and hardware solutions from various vendors, including Russian ones, thus allowing for the selection of best-fit products in terms of technical parameters, costs, and import substitution requirements during the implementation phase.

The project covers both technical aspects of infrastructure functioning, and existing operation and support procedures, which were also analyzed by CROC specialists. Each facility was analyzed in terms of how failures impact business continuity, with actual and target recovery parameters (RTO and RPO) being specified for each facility and DR plans developed.

We believe this project will help us keep production processes up and running efficiently and apps operating reliably. Our key demands also included flexible infrastructure scalability, which is to be expanded tenfold without dramatic changes to existing technical solutions. The program proposed by CROC considered all of these requirements in full.

Oleg Shalnov
Director for IT Project and Integration Management, Rosenergoatom

The project was made feasible thanks to the efforts of more than 30 skilled engineers, architects, and business continuity consultants who have long-term experience in integrating and improving complex infrastructures. Thanks to their coordinated work, we created a perfect future-proof technical roadmap of the Rosenergoatom infrastructure.

Ivan Rubtsov
Deputy CEO for Key Accounts, CROC

About Rosenergoatom

Rosenergoatom Joint-Stock Company, a part of the Electric power division of the Rosatom State Corporation, is one of the largest energy enterprises in Russia and the only Russian nuclear plant operator.

Rosenergoatom’s key activities include electricity and heat production by nuclear power plants, as well as operation of nuclear plants, radioactive sources, and nuclear material and radioactive substance storage facilities in compliance with procedures set forth by Russian Federation legislation.

The company’s mission is to supply Russian consumers with electricity and heat produced by NPPs, with guaranteed safety as its top business priority.

Rosenergoatom has 11 operating affiliate nuclear plants, including a floating nuclear power plant, a Science and Research Center for emergency NPP maintenance, as well as Design, Construction and Technology affiliates.