IT company CROC has announced an anti-crisis solution portfolio that helps businesses either promptly recover from the impact of the pandemic lockdown or maintain growth achieved during this tumultuous period. These advanced IT solutions create a comfortable environment for remote employees, reduce IT CAPEX, make key processes more efficient, and protect businesses against cyber threats.

As some countries eased coronavirus restrictions in early May, the business world began to come back to life. After the lockdown, companies and people will have to adjust to new realities. That is why CROC has developed a solution portfolio to help customers recover from the crisis and maintain quality during rapid business growth. The new portfolio solves four different business challenges: allow a number of employees to continue working from home; optimize all costs; mitigate risks; and boost performance and growth. The majority of these 25+ solutions – just like CROC’s remote work portfolio announced in late March – can be deployed remotely and in a short time frame.

Our anti-crisis portfolio consists of solutions that help companies adapt to new realities, reduce costs, and retain most of their team in order to come out of this crisis with minimum losses. Portfolio solutions for effective remote work, process digitization and robotic process automation usually take a lot of time to deploy and require huge business process transformation efforts; therefore, most of our team is committed to making this process as fast as possible

Valentin Gubarev
Director of Computer Systems Department, CROC

Some employees to continue working from home after lockdown

According to research by, a recruitment website, one third of Russians would like to alternate between office and remote work after the lockdown, while 20% claimed they would prefer to keep working from home altogether. The two months of remote experience showed that many employees maintain their efficiency at home, with companies paying less in employee maintenance costs.

The new economic conditions allow businesses to let some employees work remotely, thus reducing expenses on physical workplaces and IT infrastructure. This transition requires a company to secure user access to corporate resources. To help customers overcome the post-lockdown crisis, CROC provides a set of remote work solutions: remote workplaces using two-factor authentication, work time monitoring, online employee training platforms, and call analysis (mainly used in call centers to check whether agents follow a script).

To support business growth, CROC offers automated document management, privileged user control, and subscription based corporate online training.

Cost reduction and optimization

The fall of the ruble against the US dollar and impact of the pandemic lockdown have forced many companies to evaluate expenditure, including IT budgets. The current situation calls for the optimization of IT infrastructure support and upgrade costs, while maintaining high system performance, which requires infrastructure equipment, maturity, and safety analysis. For this purpose, CROC offers assessment of IT infrastructure outsourcing feasibility, auditing of software migration to open source solutions, automated recruitment systems, etc. These solutions provide a clear picture of a company’s technical development in line with its business strategy and current IT costs.

Performance boost

Some businesses are enjoying a spike in number of customers and orders, leading to a higher load on call centers, slower business processes, and overall performance degradation. Consequently, they are focusing on product and service improvement. To maintain and increase efficiency, CROC offers a business growth portfolio consisting of customer service automation, a predictive dialing system, flexible contact center infrastructure, comprehensive analysis and optimization of development processes. These services help design to-be development, testing, deployment, and other routine processes, thus dramatically accelerating implementation, increasing security and fault-tolerance, and ensuring digitalization of resource provisioning and management transparency.

Risk mitigation

Lacking a business continuity plan, many companies failed to promptly adapt to rapidly changing crisis conditions. This led to downtime and increased risk of information security incidents, resulting in sensitive data, reputation, and financial losses. To avoid such adverse effects, CROC offers recovering companies round-the-clock cybersecurity incident monitoring and business continuity plan development, while growing businesses will benefit from website optimization and computer attack prevention services.

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