BCS Bank, a fast-growing financial institution for investors and entrepreneurs, has laid a foundation to further develop infrastructure, increase its retail business market share and implement new digital platforms, thanks to a comprehensive IT survey conducted by CROC.

BCS Bank has defined the following strategic goals: attract new customers via digital channels, expand the business of electronic bank guarantees, and develop the Sfera Bank platform for entrepreneurs. Accomplishing each of these goals requires a reliable and efficient infrastructure enabling fast business growth. CROC audited BCS Bank's IT infrastructure, as well as engineering and telecommunication systems, to identify bottlenecks that can slow down apps or make them unavailable. CROC specialists followed ISO 22301 requirements and used their own survey methodology, which has been proven in dozens of similar projects.

CROC surveyed computing and engineering infrastructures in the bank's data centers, checked business systems for fault and disaster tolerance, and pinpointed bottlenecks and red zones that could reduce business efficiency. CROC specialists identified potential risks and advised how to eliminate them. Recommendations were submitted as a detailed CIO road map with an upgrade plan and justification for each stage.

It should be noted that the most active stage of the project was completed during the pandemic. CROC fulfilled many requests remotely and managed to adjust plans according to changes in real time. For example, during the lockdown, the bank switched to working from home, requiring the addition of remote work solutions to the road map.

With the market growing rapidly, competitiveness between players is intensifying. Some companies in pursuit of customers forget to prepare IT infrastructure, which is a key foundation for new digital services, thus inevitably causing errors and missed deadlines. In such cases, it is worth pausing and conducting an audit, since even a quick check-up can help put things in order and prevent large-scale problems in the future.

Alexander Sysoev
Head of Computing Systems, CROC

The value of such audits is enormous time savings: we would spend much more time on a relatively routine process if using our own resources. In addition, external expertise is very useful since it allows us to look at the legacy infrastructure from a fresh perspective and identify elements that might affect its operation.

Nataliya Stepnova
Operations Director, BCS Bank

About BCS Bank

BCS Bank is part of BCS financial group, which has been operating since 1995 and provides a comprehensive range of financial services. Today, with 5,000+ employees and branches in 40+ cities throughout Russia, BCS serves 900,000+ customers. BCS is a pioneer in adopting digital technologies for finance, with its unified digital platform integrating all key solutions for both professional investors and beginners.