IT company CROC and its partner Infobot* have jointly developed a voice bot to assist employees with their daily targets. On the one hand, this bot will help thousands of office employees stay motivated and keep a teamwork mindset; on the other hand, it will enable managers to build a simple and effective remote work reporting system.

According to HeadHunter research, approximately one third of Russians do not feel comfortable working at home. In fact, 34% of all respondents claim that the lack of a business-like atmosphere is the main disadvantage of remote work. Most office employees have never worked from home before and now find it difficult to balance job duties with family responsibilities. In addition, switching to this mode entails many more employee progress reports compared with working in an office, when progress can be discussed with managers in person without any recording.

To streamline this urgent transition, CROC and Infobot have created a bot to communicate with employees on work-related and personal matters several times a day. This way, the bot not only helps employees keep on track and focus on their targets, but also quickly interprets and records plan-fact data. Heads of departments can promptly obtain information about task performance and KPI achievement with no extra effort. Moreover, such tracking helps quickly identify and eliminate any objective and subjective barriers preventing employees from completing their tasks.

«The idea came to us from our customers. Managing remote staff is not that easy and requires daily performance monitoring, which is not something most companies are ready for. Startups can adapt to this new reality much faster than large companies. Indeed, businesses with 300+ employees struggle to keep in touch with each individual employee, and peer-to-peer communications are hard to establish. Our dedicated methodologist goes through employee tracking mechanisms with such customers free of charge, and then we provide them with our voice bot».

Vasily Interesov
CEO of Infobot, CROC Accelerator graduate

The bot is a universal tool that can call 200 employees per minute and obtain any necessary information. Here is one of our case studies: In the morning, the bot collects staff work plans for a day or a week, and in the evening, it receives interesting insights or identifies why tasks were not completed. The voice bot collects and transcribes all information, then draws up a unified report and submits it to a manager, with a report summary also being sent to group chats in messengers. This way, managers always keep track of the events in their departments and monitor all tasks being performed, while saving personnel time otherwise spent on preparing routine reports.

The bot can be deployed in as little as one day and uses Yandex Speech Kit for speech recognition and Infobot’s own NLP/NLU system to transcribe telephone conversations. The latter processes user speech and, even if it is difficult to understand, derives correct meaning from the context, unlike most chatbots, which have a limited list of pre-programmed responses and thus remain unable to adequately converse with users.

The key benefit of this technology is the ability to maintain a team environment during the pandemic lockdown. Moreover, being capable of not only collecting, but also sharing information, the voice bot can perform many functions of a secretary or a corporate culture manager: remind employees to wash their hands or measure a temperature, ask employees how they are feeling, and even offer them moral support. In addition, the bot can deliver thanks or birthday greetings from one user to another, and transmit management news and announcements to all employees within a few minutes.

* Infobot is a Russian voice bot developer and CROC Accelerator graduate with customers around the world, including in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Europe and South America. The company was co-founded by Internet Initiatives Development Fund and First BIT in 2016 and has been a Skolkovo resident since 2019. Infobot solution is powered by its proprietary NLP/NLU system that selects correct meanings rather than just processes words, thus understanding 99% of users. The solution enables robot assembling in a visual editor with no need for programming.