CROC Builds Multimedia Ecosystem for Gazprom Neft’s Digital Transformation Center

IT company CROC has implemented a multimedia ecosystem at the Zifergauz digital transformation center, which was opened by Gazprom Neft in March 2021 and is one of the largest innovative spaces in St. Petersburg. The technologies offered within allow developers and engineers to collaborate easily and fully exploit the digital capabilities of the new center.

PRESS RELEASE / 26 May 2021

Enterprise data management platform for large oil and gas company

We created Reporting HelpDesk, a platform that controls the quality and transparency of credentials and financial reporting data. This provides business users with analytical reports to accelerate management decision-making.

16 February 2021

Weight control system upgrade for large oil and gas company

We upgraded a metering and registration system for shipped oil products. The upgraded system performs weighting, maintains a log, receives requests, handles exit permits, and manages traffic lights, barrier gates, and indicator boards, supporting both automatic and manual modes.

20 January 2021

Multimedia infrastructure for new Irkutsk Oil Company building

We created a multimedia infrastructure, including a remote equipment monitoring system, video conferencing, enterprise TV, and other solutions that control and automate the operation of all equipment on a centralized basis.

16 December 2020

Mobile exploration management tool for large oil and gas company

We developed a mobile app that offers a single environment for geographically distributed exploration teams. The solution streamlines communication and improves project management efficiency.

10 November 2020

Digital Worker on-site testing at large oil and gas company

We equipped workers with wearable devices that provide notifications of safety violations, as well as the number and location of personnel on site, in near real-time. The solution allows for more effective collaboration with contractors and better safety on site.

28 October 2020

Reduced rig downtime

We have developed a blockchain system that allows to keep a transparent record of the equipment operating time to prevent accidents and reduce inefficiencies.

28 October 2020

Automated seismic data handling for large oil and gas company

We created an automated system that provides a unified working environment for specialists, reduces the risk of losing historical seismic data, and facilitates such data processing.

12 October 2020

Core IT infrastructure for large oil and gas company

We designed and deployed an IT infrastructure that underpins communication between employees and external contractors.

13 July 2020

Cloud infrastructure for IT recovery at large oil and gas company

We provided the customer with an opportunity to back up all IT systems in CROC Cloud and quickly recover them in the customer’s native environment.

18 June 2020

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