A historic site in the Ruzsky urban district now hosts the immersive ‘Zoya’ museum complex dedicated to the life and fame of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, one of the most revered heroines of the Soviet Union. IT company CROC joined efforts with NEC, a multimedia vendor, and ‘MKS always sky-high’, a master developer of the exhibition, to safeguard war history in digital format and help immerse visitors in the reality of those days. 

The new Zoya complex was built next to the existing Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya Museum in Petrishchevo village with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Moscow Region. For the first time, the museum opened its doors to the public on the 75th anniversary of Victory Day. 

The site comprises six halls, one of which provides a reconstructed setting of a school class, where Zoya and her brother studied. Synchronized audio and video tracks recreate the spirit of the war’s early days for visitors. The ‘Zoya’s heroic act’ hall provides a highly realistic winter forest setting and a fragment of the house where the partisan spent the night before her execution. There is also a trench hall, which houses a full-scale model of the SU-152 tank.

The museum’s multimedia systems were deployed by CROC. Records and events of 1941-1945 appear on large screens (32” to 98”), as well as a NEC video wall of over 7 square meters, showing films on memorable Moscow Region places, manors, and museums.

Multimedia materials include recorded interviews with Zoya’s mother, an interactive map of the Nazi attack plans, and footage from Soviet films. The majority of the exhibition is dedicated to the so-called Immortal Regiment, and visitors are welcome to upload photos of their ancestors who fought in the war. Another museum area shows video about the Battle of Moscow. To ensure that only visitors near a particular exhibit can hear the audio, a directional sound system was installed.

“We are proud of the fact that multimedia solutions used in the Zoya complex are in line with the offer of leading digital museums around the world. Advanced technologies help us tell the story of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya in a format tailored towards modern audiences.
I am sure that the digital exhibition will attract even more visitors to the museum. Our experience in creating digital museums, the professionalism of our engineers, and the quality of products offered by NEC Display Solutions let us complete all start-up work within less than a month.” 

Dmitry Shabanov
Head of Multimedia Systems, CROC

“We are honored to digitalize the museum in order to help commemorate Victory Day. This is not the first time we have revitalized a museum and helped it enter the digital age. We are happy that our equipment is being used to show visitors our country’s history and heroism".

Inna Sorokina
Head of NEC Display Solutions in Russia and CIS

The exhibition follows an automated schedule, with museum staff being able to adjust sound and turn screens on/off from a single computer. Content can also be updated without interrupting the exhibition, while audio and video streams can be configured separately. For example, it is possible to turn background sound down when an interview record starts, but keep the video going.