Fifty women have been offered the chance to become the first students in a unique education project by IT company CROC and the Women in Tech1 Russia movement. The month-long soft skills program is designed to help women advance in their careers and burst gender stereotypes. The BrainZ2 summer school has a lot to offer, with various female IT leaders holding public talks and coaching sessions to help women embrace tech.

IT company CROC and Women in Tech Russia launched this unique education project to boost women’s IT careers. BrainZ summer school experts will teach must-have soft skills to build a satisfying specialist and management career in the IT industry.

Organizers will select 50 women via a competition to launch this free online intensive training course covering goal setting, assertiveness, effective communication, networking, and mentorship – a month dedicated to improving both internal development and overcoming long held tech stereotypes. Inspiring speakers, motivating coaches, and mastermind sessions will help to deliver the holistic development of skills in demand. In addition, female IT leaders – such as Marina Alekseeva, VP, Intel Russia – will share their personal stories with students.

Polina Khabarova, HR Director, Chief Transformation Officer, CROC, emphasizes that CROC equally employs and onboards both men and women. Organizing such projects helps promote gender equality values among other corporations and leave gender stereotypes behind, thus letting women succeed.

The technology sector is still widely perceived as a men-only club and to be challenging for women to get into, although talent and skills are gender-neutral. Female workers from all over the world have proven that they can be strong and effective leaders demonstrating the same high level of technology proficiency as men. Women have always accounted for a substantial share of CROC employees, working as programmers, engineers, analysts, department heads, and top managers. We believe that our example and joint school show that it is possible to break gender stereotypes and inspire young women to achieve greater goals.

Polina Khabarova
HR Director, Chief Transformation Officer, CROC

Soft skills are a must have of the 21st century. The tech industry values scholarly achievements less than soft team member skills. If you have strong soft skills, it will be easier to get a great job, manage workload, and move up the career ladder. Soft skills are for life: they are a useful asset, regardless of a particular business or career.

Elina Valeeva
Chapter Ambassador, Women in Tech Russia

Registration and details are available at the project website.

1 Women in Tech (WIT) is a global movement headquartered in Paris with members in over 60 countries and a double mission: to close the gender gap and help women embrace technology. The organization focuses on four primary areas that are a call for action: Education, Entrepreneurialism, Social Inclusion, Science & Innovation.

2 CROC's sub-brand focused on training and career programs for high school, college, and university students.