IT company CROC has designed and deployed a hybrid platform for digital product developers at Ingosstrakh Insurance Company. This will allow for the provision of private and public cloud resources to support development and testing activities in line with current needs and infrastructure load. The required capacity and environment are allocated automatically to speed up infrastructure provisioning, bring out full DevOps potential, and dramatically reduce time-to-market for new IT products.

For development and testing environments, resources are allocated automatically via Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS) models. Ingosstrakh developers enjoy a catalogue of necessary services and can access a virtual machine (VM) with a particular OS and preset software. For example, standard apps provided as a service include single-node and cluster configurations of Oracle DBMS and Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft IIS web server with network load balancing, Microsoft Exchange, etc.

To gain access to resources, all you need to do is fill out a simple form on a self-service web portal. Depending on its complexity, a new test environment will be configured and provisioned in 10 to 60 minutes. Free from manual configuration of OS and apps, IT staff only need to authorize the process, leaving the platform to do the rest. Administrators thus no longer spend time on mundane creation and maintenance of already deployed environments. This results in greater cost-efficiency and better manageability as the platform helps analyze changes to VMs and their impact on a particular environment or system. Ultimately, this approach allows you to focus on development and innovation.

Ingosstrakh’s hybrid cloud brings development opportunities to a brand-new level by enabling seamless switching between local infrastructure and the public cloud. This automated process, combined with user-friendly orchestration tools, helps create services of any complexity to satisfy all business needs. With client communications and employee interaction going more digital, higher development quality and faster time-to-market are becoming key to a successful and rapidly growing business. For Ingosstrakh, CROC built a solution to support stable business development in line with current standards and provide a base from which the company can maintain its leading position in the industry.

Maria Ukolova
Director of IT Department, CROC

The solution allows for more cost-effective and rational use of company infrastructure. Testing tasks, for example, can be run locally. However, if more resources are needed or a more critical project appears, the workload can be moved to a public cloud. The monitoring and billing system evaluates the type of processed data, along with consumption and cost of resources, providing for accurate budget planning.

The hybrid cloud is based on the VMware vRealize product family. CROC also created a customized service for Ingosstrakh that enables migration of environments and data between on-premise and the platforms of different cloud providers.

Now, we can create and deliver test environments to internal users at high speed, while also using external clouds to handle unexpected tasks demanding rapid and unplanned capacity deployment. Today, thanks to automation, we can quickly reallocate resources that are already in use. Such flexibility is exactly what we need for the dynamic phase of our digital business transformation journey. In the near future, we plan to replicate this solution and deliver 40+ PaaS-based services to 300+ of our developers. This will boost agile development and accelerate new product release. In addition, CROC experts helped us leverage both integration with major external service providers and excellent vendor support. Despite facing huge challenges, having true professionals in both teams allowed us to undergo this journey with a smile.

Alexey Klepikov
Vice President for IT, Ingosstrakh Insurance Company

Public Joint Stock Insurance Company Ingosstrakh has been operating in the domestic and international markets since 1947. Over the years, Ingosstrakh grew from a small administration within the Ministry of Finance of the USSR into the largest insurance company in Russia with a well-developed branch network. Today, Ingosstrakh is a nationwide provider of all types of insurance and one of the leaders in the Russian insurance market in terms of premium volume, paid indemnity, and other key performance indicators.