The State Hermitage Museum has deployed a new navigation system for a better visitor experience. The Main Museum Complex now has five highly advanced interactive navigation kiosks, located at the bottom of the Church and Jordan Staircases, where most people start their visit. In addition, more kiosks are also provided at key cross points along the route.

As their name suggests, the kiosks help visitors navigate their way along existing routes, find a shortcut to a hall or exhibit of interest, follow the museum’s planned tour, and build paths to particular locations (cafe, WC, lifts, etc.). In addition, navigation kiosks can also provide the answer to that most important question of all: «Where’s the exit?»

Kiosks can generate custom museum routes based on the visitor’s interest or available time, which is particularly relevant given current restrictions. Custom routes can be downloaded to a mobile device, thus further enhancing the visitor experience.

Kiosks also offer reference materials about masterpieces, events, and exhibitions. Visitors can use kiosks to make a souvenir photo with built-in camera and send it to their e-mail or leave feedback via a special form.

Integration with the official State Hermitage Museum’s website ensures automatic updates of the navigation system’s content. To provide more visitors with navigation capabilities, «Your e-guide» supports Russian and English.

This interactive project was implemented as part of the long-term collaboration between the State Hermitage Museum and IT company CROC in association with Initium and LG.

The State Hermitage Museum has adopted another fantastic tool to help visitors navigate their way. Our website already offers guides for all routes and virtual tours, while the museum supplies audio guides. Now we are also able to provide advanced, sophisticated and automatically updated devices. Furthermore, these interactive navigation kiosks can be expanded with new software.

Alexey Bogdanov
Deputy Director General, the State Hermitage Museum, commenting on the project launch

We are proud to collaborate with the State Hermitage Museum and delighted that we can now provide a better visitor experience. This modern navigation solution perfectly matches the museum’s prestigious reputation.

Dmitry Shabanov
Head of Multimedia Systems, CROC

Located in St. Petersburg, the State Hermitage Museum is currently ranked as the second largest art museum in the world and among the top 10 most visited museums of fine and applied arts globally.