During an online presentation, CROC and Poly experts shared workflow trends, such as professional home offices, a new office space format, and emergence of a new user type called prosumer (professional + consumer), and spoke about how new Poly products can help address workflow challenges. This new solution package consists of three product lines designed for various video conferencing use cases.

First, Poly Studio X series are all-in-one video bars for small- and medium-sized rooms. These panels are compatible with any standard video solutions and applications (including Microsoft Teams and Zoom), support 4K, Apple AirPlay, and Miracast content, provide for real-time noise reduction, and are easily controlled via a remote control, touch panel or display.

Second, Poly G7500 is a platform for video sessions in meeting rooms and conference halls with multiple participants. Supporting multimedia systems and external services like Zoom with no PC required, this platform streamlines wireless content sharing among employees present in a room or connected via a conference call.

Third, Poly Studio P series is designed for convenient remote work and consists of a personal webcam, video bar, and video call display. Premium camera optics guarantee high-quality video, while Poly audio technologies ensure clear sound. Moreover, users can enjoy cloud-based analytics and management, as well as simple out-of-the-box connectivity.

We see that many companies are planning to adopt a hybrid work model, meaning that employees are going to need enterprise-class devices for remote work. This demand has caused the emergence of a large variety of flexible tools tailored to hybrid working environments. We are always here to help our customers select optimal solutions that improve staff performance and collaboration in line with their specific business needs.

Mikhail Nikiforov
Expert in VC Solutions, CROC.