Yekaterinburg, July 5–8, 2021 – All visitors to CROC's exhibition stand are offered the chance to try on a smart hard hat and bracelet and experience being a production worker using the latest technology. They are then provided a range of options such as: seeing what happens when entering a dangerous area without personal protection equipment, testing an AR head mount display under a remote expert's supervision, undergoing a pre-shift examination at a self-service terminal, and participating in live demo workshops.

In the exhibition auditorium, representatives of industrial companies will have the opportunity to listen to CROC technical specialists speaking about the specifics of Big Data use in the manufacturing sector and see a live demo of various Digital Worker use cases. 

At the stand, CROC will demonstrate a set of solutions for the mining industry, an automated pre-shift/trip examination service, and remote AR expert supervision technology for equipment operation. 

Exhibition visitors will also be shown special tools designed to monitor environmental factors near facilities and a project featuring the IoT platform with explosion-proof sensors. 

In addition, CROC will showcase a product QR-coding and consumer claim-processing solution, including the related case study at NLMK Group.

Join us at CROC workshops and exhibition business events!

Workshop schedule, CROC stand (spot 1G9, Pavilion 1)

Live Demo: IoT for labor productivity

July 5-6, 1:30 PM

Implementation of Digital Worker at a large chemical holding to leverage IoT for more effective management of equipment maintenance and repairs.

Live Demo: IoT for warehouse employee efficiency

July 5, 3:30 PM

July 7, 1:30 PM

How can IoT streamline and speed up working processes, improve safety, and increase employee and contractor efficiency.

Use cases: Big Data as the basis for digitalization

July 5-6, 2:30 PM

CROC experts will explain how to collect and process data effectively for informed decision making, and discuss the importance of having a unified system for digital tools management (e.g. digital twins, System Advisor Models, MRO).

Exhibition business agenda, Congress Center

July 5, 2.00-3.30 PM, HALL 3.3

Oleg Terekhov (Deputy CEO and Director for Mining & Metals Accounts at CROC) will speak at the TASS round table on "Ecology as a New Business Responsibility". Leading industry representatives will discuss the perspectives and technologies enabling Russian manufacturers to adopt "green" production, ESG strategies, etc.

July 7, 10.00-11.30 AM, HALL 3.5

At the round table on "Integration of Digitalization into Lean Production in Chemical Industry", Pavel Egorov (Big Data Project Manager for Manufacturing, CROC) will speak about the Big Data-based digitalization solution that helps create an analytical platform as a unified access point to manage IT tools (e.g. digital twins, System Advisor Models, MRO). This will help companies digitalize production processes and speed up the transition to Industry 4.0.

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Our team would be delighted to see you at the CROC stand (spot 1G9, Pavilion 1). To find your way to the demo area, please consult the scheme below: