IT company CROC has been awarded for "Excellence in Engagement" at the annual MERAT Partner Summit & Awards Ceremony held by Dell Technologies. The award is given to the most qualified service provider implementing projects and delivering client services based on Dell Technologies solutions. Thanks to CROC’s profound expertise, the company’s engineers belong to a small group of specialists who are engaged in R&D co-projects with the vendor, give feedback on equipment performance and functionality, and beta-test upgraded products.

CROC has now worked with Dell Technologies for over 17 years, with its specialists consistently being recognized for their high level of competence.  So far, Dell Technologies has granted over 1,000 certificates confirming the expertise of the company’s engineers.  Indeed, in 2020 alone, the company implemented more than 120 projects using its partner's equipment. CROC’s integration experience has greatly contributed to the success of many sophisticated and complex implementations, completed in strict compliance with customer business requirements.

CROC’s experts offer customers proven technologies and products, some of which the company can access before other Russian players thanks to its status as a Dell Technologies Strategic Partner. Last year, for instance, the vendor provided CROC with access to two cutting-edge data storage systems – PowerStore 5000 X and PowerStore 5000 T – thus offering customers an exclusive opportunity to test cutting-edge technology. 

Dell Technologies equipment also underpins CROC Cloud. Indeed, over the last two years, the CROC Cloud Services business unit has consistently upgraded platform hardware infrastructure. New Dell Technologies solutions are selected only after being thoroughly tested, optimally configured and customized.  In 2020, CROC Cloud Services enabled 1C systems and other high load applications to achieve their top speed in the cloud by adopting hardware with new processors offering higher clock frequency.   

When talking about infrastructure upgrades or new hardware deployments, we are not only referring to hardware.  Computing solutions is one of the components that is key to project success.  However, it is also important to understand how application systems will run on new equipment and interact with earlier implemented solutions, as well as the level of effectiveness expected from the project by the customer.  Here, success can be attributed to profound analysis that allows for the selection of the most suitable technical solution. We are pleased that Dell Technologies highly appreciates CROC’s knowledge of the wide range of systems available on the market and the ability of our team members to test and select the best options, and then successfully implement products in strict compliance with customer business requirements.

Alexander Sysoev
Head of Computing Infrastructure Practice, CROC