IT company CROC is offering customers the chance to field-test Dell EMC PowerStore, a best-in-class data storage system, using their real business apps. Certified PowerStore specialists will deploy and configure demo equipment in an infrastructure and offer tailored testing plans to enable customers to accurately assess system suitability for their business tasks, performance and sustained operation under stable and peak loads, as well as fault-tolerance and data protection.

A report on test results will be provided to show whether the new storage system meets the requirements of customer business units and internal users. CROC engineers will also help set goals and define criteria and metrics that are relevant to business and meet its requirements. For example, tests can be focused on measuring the speed of certain business operations (transaction processing, email handling, etc.), app performance, and decision-making. Real data will also help properly define storage system configuration and calculate total cost of ownership based on growing business needs.

«We have always advocated for using a structured approach and taking great care when selecting a solution to match your business, as reflected by our offer of the ability to test actual loads. Although it takes a lot of effort, I believe it is worth spending a few weeks testing the storage system that will be used as the foundation of IT infrastructure and shape development strategy,» says Alexander Sysoev, Head of Computing Infrastructure Practice, CROC. «CROC’s expertise in Dell Technologies solutions will help showcase the advantages of PowerStore, which complies with high data storage standards and allows for the building of flexible and reliable IT systems.»

Dell Technologies released PowerStore based on new data storage architecture in early May 2020.

«The biggest roadblock that customers run into on their digital transformation journey is the conflict between the need to support ever-increasing workloads and the reality where they have to cut costs and deal with their existing IT infrastructure fraught with restrictions and complexities,» says Pavel Karnaukh, Head of Technical Department, Dell Technologies Russia. «The new Dell EMC PowerStore is designed to leverage automation, next-gen innovations, and advanced software architecture to provide infrastructure that meets corporate customer demands.»

The PowerStore’s six nines (99.9999%) availability guarantees less than 32 seconds of downtime per year. Architecture with block and file access, as well as VMware vVols support, suits a variety of storage system workloads and can be scaled up and out. Always-on compression and innovative inline deduplication provide guaranteed 4:1 average data reduction. Onboard machine learning (ML) automates labor-intensive processes like initial volume placement, migrations, load balancing and issue resolution. Furthermore, a combination of ML and intelligent automation ensures faster app and service deployment, thus reducing the timeframe to maintain volume balance by 99%.

CROC invites customers to test demo equipment and explore the vendor’s products at Russia’s first Dell Center of Excellence, where custom-tailored infrastructure can be simulated without deploying computing capacities.