Dostavista, an international delivery service, has chosen CROC Cloud as the keystone of its business operations in Russia, thus ensuring fast response to changing customer demands. Now, the cloud provider hosts all customer infrastructure, including the portal for Dostavista service users to place orders.

Dostavista has been following the Cloud First strategy and thus using resources of various cloud providers since 2016. Outsourcing was a strategic choice since the seasonal nature of business creates a need for lower capital expenditure and faster capacity scaling. For example, as holiday season approaches, the number of orders doubles, thus requiring a corresponding increase in computing capacity.

Cloud is the only possible and economically feasible tool for Dostavista since it allows us to adapt to a changing situation and expand capacity during peak loads. Forecasting resource needs is often challenging. Despite the expected low summer season, this year’s pandemic kept couriers extremely busy. CROC Cloud helped us adjust to new realities.

Denis Krasnoper
Infrastructure Development Team Lead, Dostavista

The customer’s infrastructure is located in two CROC Cloud zones — the main and backup sites — to ensure high fault tolerance and data availability in case of disaster. Dostavista also uses S3 object storage within CROC Cloud.

Experience shows that, during peak loads, you either urgently (in one hour) deploy tens of virtual machines or watch how increased load makes your service unavailable for customers. Only cloud technology is capable of meeting operational requirements in such a scenario, and that is why seasonal businesses like retail, logistics, development & construction, and some online services opt for this solution.

Maxim Berezin
Business Development Director, CROC Cloud Services

CROC Cloud Services is a standalone CROC business unit that offers cloud services, managed В2В services, and commercial off-the-shelf products. Powered by enterprise IT system expertise, the cloud provider completes custom-tailored service projects based on CROC’s proprietary platform and data centers, which are compliant with Uptime Institute Tier III «Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability» standard. In addition, the company is one of Russia’s Top-6 IaaS providers (CNews, 2019) and the most mature cloud service provider (TAdviser, 2018), offering the number one cloud platform in terms of flexibility and ease of use (TAdviser, 2017). Consequently, over 300 industry leaders entrust their services to CROC Cloud.

Dostavista delivery service fulfilled its first order in September 2012. We deliver to your preferred location, on time every time, and can either start processing your order just minutes after you placed it, or arrange delivery for a certain date and hour. Our couriers have GPS-equipped tools to make express delivery as fast as possible. When you place an order, our system finds the nearest available courier (and we always have available couriers!), who takes it immediately to your location using our route optimizer. Our delivery record is 38 minutes from order placement!