IT company CROC has implemented a multimedia ecosystem at the Zifergauz digital transformation center, which was opened by Gazprom Neft in March 2021 and is one of the largest innovative spaces in St. Petersburg. The technologies offered within allow developers and engineers to collaborate easily and fully exploit the digital capabilities of the new center.

The Zifergauz center unites cross-functional teams working on industrial digital transformation projects and constantly aims to search for new ways to change conventional business processes and increase their efficiency with the power of advanced technology. The center focuses on digital solutions for hydrocarbon deposit search and exploration, remote drilling control, industrial automation, logistics robotics and Gazprom Neft's Arctic fleet management. There are also laboratories for artificial intelligence, robotics and UAV control, 3D printing, video analytics, VR and AR, blockchain, new services testing, creation of industrial gadgets and telemetry sensors.

The project architects managed to organically combine the historic 18th century building with advanced technological center functionality, making cutting-edge multimedia solutions its integral part. CROC engineers implemented audiovisual systems in 14 working spaces, 15 meeting rooms and public areas throughout the Zifergauz center.

Dmitry Antonyuk
Cross-Sales Director, CROC

In order to increase teamwork efficiency in one of the digital transformation center's locations, CROC set up an innovative MultiTaction system with a large interactive screen consisting of nine LCD panels. The touch screen panels can process an unlimited number of simultaneous touches, with the interactive environment thus allowing numerous people to work together at the same time. One of the MultiTaction's main advantages is its offering of collaboration capacity for geographically distributed teams.

To improve user experience, CROC developed a unified multimedia equipment management system reflecting Gazprom Neft’s corporate design, and integrated it with the room reservation, telephone and calendar systems for working spaces. As a result, employees are now able to create a comfortable microclimate in meeting rooms by, for example, customizing air temperature and light level, as well as closing/opening curtains.

The Zifergauz digital transformation center demonstrates Gazprom Neft's innovative approach to creating office spaces and how technology can change working processes. CROC's rich expertise in multimedia complexes allows us to implement solutions that meet the high demands of leading technology companies.

Dmitry Shabanov
Head of Multimedia Systems, CROC

About Gazprom Neft

Gazprom Neft is a vertically integrated oil enterprise, ranking among the top 10 public companies worldwide for proven reserves of liquid hydrocarbons and among the top three Russian market players in terms of oil production and refining volumes. The company specializes in high-tech oil and gas production, as well as creating and selling eco-friendly petroleum products. Gazprom Neft includes more than 70 production, refining, and retailing enterprises, as well as numerous technology centers. Its digital capacities enable the company to build digital twins of deposits, control borehole construction remotely, explore new Arctic territories, increase the efficiency of hard-to-recover oil production, and manage the production and logistics of oil products around the world. Due to its ongoing development of cognitive technologies, Gazprom Neft became the first company in the world to produce oil discovered via artificial intelligence.