IT company CROC has been recognized as a trusted systems integrator by Astra Linux Group*, a Russian manufacturer of operating systems and virtualization platforms. CROC secured this status as part of the vendor’s new partner program aimed at facilitating transition to Russian software. This status acknowledges that CROC has the necessary technical infrastructure and experience to install and support Astra Linux solutions.

Astra Linux Group’s ‘Trusted Systems Integrators’ program guarantees high-quality customer service and the best experience when using the company’s products. As a trusted partner, CROC will focus on providing professional assistance to customers, configuring and integrating solutions into existing IT infrastructure, and further technical support.
The status implies special bonuses, including a dedicated channel to provide prompt expert project implementation assistance.

"We highly appreciate being awarded this status, which acknowledges our company’s performance and proves that our expertise is in demand on the market. CROC supplies a wide range of solutions that enable compliance with Russian legislation requirements for software use. We also help customers make a smooth switch to Russian software ecosystems. We will surely use all the advantages of the status to continue providing highly qualified service for customer convenience".

Stanislav Cherkov
Head of Infrastructure Solutions, CROC

The institute of trusted system integrators is expected to broaden and accumulate experience in helping organizations of different scale and from a wide range of industries to adopt Russian IT solutions.

"Recent events have shown that import substitution is becoming a necessity, with more and more organizations opting for Astra Linux. In this situation, we are committed to offering customers not only a high-quality product, but also a selection of solutions and services covering all integration and technical support tasks throughout the cooperation.
What matters to us most is that we, as a vendor, can be absolutely sure about the service provided by our partners. The ‘Trusted System Integrators’ partner program brings new opportunities to customers, partner business development, and the industry in general".

Anton Bugretsov
Commercial Director, Astra Linux Group

* About Astra Linux Group
Astra Linux Group (OOO RusBITech-Astra) is one of the giants of the Russian IT industry and a leading software vendor producing secure operating systems and virtualization platforms. The company started business in 2008 and now employs 300+ highly qualified developers and technical support specialists. Astra Linux is a member of both Russoft Association and the Association of Software Developers, as well as a national and international prize winner for the creation and implementation of unique secure information systems.