Speech Technology Center* and IT company CROC have automated a Tele2 online subscriber service through digital channels by introducing a smart chatbot.

Speech Technology Center created the new chatbot based on ChatNavigator, its proprietary omnichannel natural language dialogue platform used to build smart virtual assistants. The self-learning bot increases its knowledge in line with the number of requests it receives. Script configuration and integration with the operator’s information systems allow the chatbot not only to answer common questions (e.g. nearest office location) but to also advise on 1,000+ major issues like current tariffs and changes, payment adjustments, etc. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, which underlie the chatbot, enable agentless communication with Tele2 subscribers via Viber, VKontakte, WhatsApp, as well as the operator’s mobile app for Android and iOS. Moreover, the bot is integrated with Alice, a Russian virtual voice assistant. The communication scenario is generally the same, although each channel has its particular features. Speech Technology Center improved the chatbot user experience by developing a universal API for interaction with other Tele2 chat platforms.

CROC experts helped the Speech Technology Center team to integrate ChatNavigator with Tele2 business systems and Active Directory, thus enabling operation within Tele2 LAN and automatic access to the chatbot interface.

Indeed, demand for voice and chatbots is growing every year. Such solutions are ideal for companies with large customer bases, such as telecom, banking or retail operators, as chatbots not only reduce contact center costs, but also enhance customer loyalty and insight.

As a modern technology company, Tele2 embraces innovative approaches to customer service and integrates artificial intelligence into interfaces. Our new chatbot has significantly decreased the load on contact center agents and, most importantly, let us connect better with our digital audience – active users of messengers, social networks, and mobile apps. The success of the project, particularly chatbot integration with Alice, has motivated us to continue implementing AI technologies into customer voice service channels and creating a voice bot.

Elena Yurina
Director for Remote Customer Service, Tele2

Given the level of pressure on call centers in the banking, telecom, and retail sectors today, intelligent chatbots render invaluable assistance by swiftly analyzing the digital landscape, providing consistent answers, and improving customer experience. High-quality chatbots can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers, reduce operating expenses, and improve call center throughput capacity. The advantages of such technology are clearly highlighted by our project for Tele2. The drive towards full call center automation continues to gain momentum, and we will continue to lead the way by leveraging our expertise.

Dmitry Dyrmovsky
CEO, Speech Technology Center

Chatbots retain customer data after each interaction and analyze purchased products and choices, thus helping companies boost cross-selling. Moreover, chatbots – like the one we developed, jointly with STC, for Tele2 – are constantly evolving and getting better at solving ever more difficult tasks. Advanced chatbots respond immediately via a familiar messenger interface. Such technology enables compliance with global standards and gives companies a competitive edge in today’s market.

Sergey Malinovsky
Head of Unified Communications Practice, CROC

*Speech Technology Center is one of the few global developers of both voice and facial recognition technologies, specializing in AI and machine learning. Our fake voice detection and speech recognition solutions are ranked among the best globally by NIST, ASVspoof Challenge, VOiCES, and CHiME Challenge. The Center’s solutions are deployed in 70 countries around the world.