CROC has updated its solution portfolio and now offers new tools for automatic remote employee work time tracking, remote construction supervision, contact center shifting to cloud, enhanced information security, and seven more services for effective operation, irrespective of business size and industry specifics. In total, CROC’s customers can make use of two dozen different products, most of which are deployed remotely, sometimes within as little as four hours.

«We understand how important it is for our customers to ensure fast time-to-market in the current environment. To help them promptly adapt to new conditions, we offer vital tools to ensure information security, deploy and support hybrid IT infrastructures, and provide a range of other express solutions, some of which take just a few hours to implement. Our services for remote employee management and robotic process automation can be launched within a week, while a special set of tools for effective business operation during a long lockdown period can be deployed within one to eight weeks. We are constantly monitoring the situation and promptly update our solution list and functionality for our customers.

Vyacheslav Tantsorov
Chief Marketing Operations Officer, CROC

The company firmly believes that working remotely can be as efficient as office working if high availability, speed, security, and convenience are ensured. CROC has prepared measures and technologies to help employers maintain key performance indicators and efficiency during the pandemic lockdown.

Website optimization and acceleration

Growing demand for online sales leads to increased load on server capacity, causing slow website download speed and adversely affecting conversion and the number of visitors. One extra second of delay when loading reduces conversion by 7%, while 40% of visitors leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load. CROC’s service speeds up online store website content downloading for customers in Russia and the CIS, reduces server load, and protects a website against DDoS attacks and bots. Solution configuring and fine-tuning will take 1-2 days, with integration being performed without interrupting website operation.

Automatic work time monitoring and remote support of employees

To enable employees to work from home, a company needs to be able to monitor performance, track work time, and provide support to promptly address any relevant issues. With CROC’s solution, customers can clearly see each employee’s work and prevent confidential information leaks. A software agent is launched on workstations or terminal servers to monitor users’ actions and events on their computer, transmit them to the server, and block or disable access in full compliance with SIEM and DLP system requirements. The product is listed in the domestic software register and can be launched in 7+ days and run on a remote computer outside the company’s local network.

Contact center running from CROC’s Cloud

Transition to remote work reduces the quality of an operator’s communication links, resulting in lower customer loyalty and financial losses. A cloud contact center helps maintain communication with internal and external customers via various channels, provide real-time reporting, and record and store conversations between contact center operators and customers, thus saving a company’s own resources. The solution is provided as a service, allowing businesses to avoid any capital expenditure, and is deployed within 10 days.

Checking business readiness to work remotely

To enable employees to work from home, a company has to assess its readiness for such a shift and select effective and user-friendly digital tools. A readiness check provides a roadmap showing a list of business processes that may be suitable for remote work transition, scheduled transition dates, cost estimates, and business impact.

Ensuring remote work for employees

Во время дистанционной работы важно обеспечить бесконтактную It is crucial to ensure remote communication with employees, customers, and partners, as employees working from home can lose the ability to respond promptly, share documents, and participate in joint presentations and negotiations. CROC offers access to cloud services and cloud-based Ultra HD video conferencing with 500+ participants via audio, video, and document collaboration tools. Key benefits of the solution are easy integration with any IT systems and compatibility with all platforms (Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android) without the need to install any plugins. Moreover, CROC Cloud is compliant with all regulatory requirements regarding the processing of personal data (Federal Law 152-FZ).

Digital Workspace

To access a workplace remotely any time anywhere, CROC offers its Digital Workspace solution. Desktops, OS, and installed software are migrated to a virtual environment, thus allowing users to work independently of a particular hardware. This integrated solution is powered by Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) with secure access.

Robotic process automation

When working remotely, it is important to minimize routine operations requiring physical presence in the office. A corporate robot can help ease the pain by performing typical tasks like document execution, certificate approval, etc. In addition, users can send tasks and request online reporting via a smartphone messenger.

Additional solutions

In addition to the above, CROC also offers a range of information security solutions and IaaS. Corporate IT systems are at increased risk of cyberattacks and may experience peak loads. CROC is ready to provide virtual servers, storage systems, and network services to guarantee high IT system reliability and performance. Implementation period may vary from 4 hours to 2 months, depending on the scope of work.