Communication and networking solutions

We provide reliable data transmission networks, control the operation of applications, and technologies for managing communication channels.

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Strengthening network security

We increase the security of your IT infrastructure and help reduce maintenance costs. Network solutions allow you to: control the operation of applications, provide employees with wireless, Internet access through secure communication channels, manage workload with greater flexibility, minimize disruptions, and reduce downtime costs.

High qualification
Our technical staff is vendor certified and possesses the highest qualifications and competencies in today’s most relevant technologies.
CROC Laboratory
Our own laboratory allows testing solutions on the leading equipment, including those with high manufacturer status.
Great experience
Our specialists have enormous expertise in wireless network construction, LANs, configuration, and monitoring systems integration in large multi-vendor networks.
The best preparation
We train qualified personnel within your company to operate the most complex packet communication networks.

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Client success story


We organized telemetry data collection and other facility sensors, including gas analyzers, pressure and temperature sensors, etc.


To achieve the desired results, we implemented equipment to accurately determine the position of personnel and equipment (with an accuracy of 3 meters) and organized voice communication.


The company managed to increase the efficiency of equipment up to 30% and reduce maintenance costs by 15%. Through the collection of telemetry data, we have helped reduce the likelihood of emergency situations. The system paid off in 12 months.

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