Retail Digitalization

From warehouse management to customer analytics, we create retail IT solutions, help automate operations and increase sales.

What we do

We take care of the retailer’s needs throughout the entire customer journey; from the moment a customer visits a store or opens a website to the digitalization of the central office. We simplify the interaction with customers at every point of the business, whether it is the layout, storage or movement of goods. Our IT solutions help retailers quickly and efficiently increase traffic, an average check, reduce losses and minimize costs.

Our solutions

Contact center and online store

We automate the processing of standard calls and improve the quality of service and loyalty of your customers. We achieve this with offering: multi and omnichannel contact centers, contact center knowledge base, chatbots for customers, tariffing and monitoring, chatbots and voice robot for communication with customers, customer experience management, and services to optimize and speed up the site.

Planning and Analytics

We select tools that will improve financial efficiency - from forecasting demand and supply planning to collecting information and visualizing data. Solutions include information about customers from external sources, HR tech, analysis of the employee's compliance with the occupied or target position, building a corporate data warehouse, BI analytics, process discovery and RP, geoinformation B2B service for accurate revenue forecasting, and parsing competitors' prices in online and offline channels.

Store Operations

We introduce digital tools, which help improve the level of customer service and automate the product control process that include: track availability of key products on the shelves, interactive tips for learning, a system of managing tasks of employees at retail outlets, voice analytics for employees of retail outlets and contact centers, and resource planning and time tracking systems (WFM).

Supply chain

We develop analytical tools that allow you to manage inventory, warehouse logistics and transportation that include transport logistics management (OTM), real-time logistic route optimization system with predictive analytics, supplier portal, demand forecasting, assortment management, dynamic pricing, and promotion planning.

Customers in store

We use different technologies and approaches to ensure your stores attract more customers, such as: updating information on maps, video analytics to control the calculation and queues, digital signage as a service, and theft prevention.

IT for business

We identify the best business and IT processes that will help increase sales and optimize costs. The solutions we offer include: software development consulting, digital platform, cloud to launch new services, integration Bus / API Manager, BPM - Process Management, and chatbots for support.


We will help to prevent information leakage and failures in the operation of IT systems, as well as monitor the work of employees whilst monitoring customer purchases. Our solutions portfolio is comprised of: Web application protection, containerization protection, privileged user control, monitoring employee actions, information leakage control, defense against directed attacks, and incident monitoring and response.

IT infrastructure

We create flexible IT systems that can support any changes in the development strategy and withstand peak loads without failures with the help of IT audit, outsourcing IT infrastructure, CROC cloud, storage systems, engineering infrastructure, IT performance monitoring, comprehensive technical support, SD WAN, Wi-Fi for warehouses, and VDI.

Additional materials

Explore our case studies, proprietary reports, expert analysis and research findings on pressing business and tech issues.


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Dmitry Smirnov

Director of Business Development in Retail

Alexey Zagainov

Director of Industry Solutions

Alina Travkova

Marketing business partner

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